UPS Services and Solutions for State Agencies


UPS helps state agencies save money, simplify processes, gain efficiencies and reach sustainability targets — all through the power of logistics.

UPS helps state agencies leverage logistics in the following key areas:


  • We help customers set realistic targets and accelerate toward individual states’ unique and evolving sustainability standards
  • UPS has more than 2,500 alternative-fuel/technology fleet vehicles, carbon-neutral shipping and paperless billing options to support agency green initiatives
  • A verified third party tracks and analyzes the carbon footprint of UPS customers’ shipments so that state agencies gain visibility into their carbon footprints

Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

  • We help state agencies develop disaster recovery and response plans and put them into action
  • Our inventory management, commodity tracking, warehousing and transportation services help ensure that supplies are positioned and resources are in place for efficient and rapid response to disasters
  • We connect charities with other organizations in the disaster response space that can complement their efforts and build out more effective recovery capabilities
  • We have worked with numerous states on disaster recovery efforts and programs, including states in the Gulf region that were impacted by Hurricane Katrina and the oil spill

Visibility Solutions

  • Free and easy-to-use UPS shipping and tracking software provides 100% visibility of shipments, which reduces status calls and increases agency satisfaction
  • A single technology platform interface covers all transportation modes
  • In-transit visibility improves time management and flexibility with proactive notification of key shipping benchmarks from pickup to delivery


  • UPS provides the broadest range of air and ground small package and freight services so customers can meet time-sensitive needs while choosing the most efficient form of transportation
  • UPS automated shipping reduces repeated data entry, enables online air bill creation, and provides centralized control and customizable user access
  • Electronic billing and filing accelerates cash flow by simplifying the analysis and allocation of charges
  • UPS customized reporting allows agencies to easily track spending to improve accountability, identify trends and eliminate redundancies

Fast Facts

  • Deliver more than 16.3 million shipments daily, servicing more than 220 countries and territories
  • Ground fleet of nearly 100,000 vehicles, with more than 2,600 of those alternative fuel or advanced technology
  • Operate one of the world's largest airlines, flying 982 international flight segments daily and serving more than 346 international airports
  • More than 811 distribution facilities in 120 countries, exceeding 33.5 million square feet of warehouse space



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