UPS Europe Region Fact Sheet

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UPS Europe Region Fact Sheet

Founded August 28, 1907, in Seattle, Wash., USA
Established in Europe 1976, Germany
World Headquarters Atlanta, USA
Europe Headquarters Brussels, Belgium
UPS Europe President Nando Cesarone
Global Volume & Revenue  
  2016 Revenue US$61 billion
  2016 Delivery Volume 4.9 billion packages and documents
  Daily Delivery Volume 19.1 million packages and documents
  Daily International Volume 2.8 million packages and documents
Europe Areas Served
56 countries and territories
Europe Points of Access More than 17,500 (UPS centres, MBE centres, UPS drop-off locations, Kiala and UPS Access Point™ locations)
Europe Operating Facilities More than 440 (including more than 500,000m² warehouse space)
Employees Europe: more than 46,500 Worldwide: 434,000 (352,000 US; 82,000 International)
Europe Delivery Fleet More than 14,000 (package cars, vans, tractors and motorcycles)
Daily Flight Segments  
  Intra-Europe 170
   Intercontinental 141
Airports Served  
  Intra-Europe 53
  Intercontinental 12
Europe Air Hub Cologne/Bonn (Germany)


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