2016 UPS How to Click with High-Tech Online Shoppers

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High-tech online purchasers are plugged in across all stages of the shopping experience – from research and purchase to delivery and returns. They are a distinctive group of shoppers whose shopping preferences and habits differ in many instances from non-high-tech purchasers. In fact, high-tech online purchasers are a lot like the high-tech industry: they are hyper connected across devices and social channels; they are explorers, always seeking more information; and they are early adopters.

The 2016 UPS How to Click with High-Tech Online Shoppers study is designed to uncover high-tech online purchasers’ unique preferences and behaviors. comScore defines the high-tech online purchaser as someone who purchased a computer, consumer electronic device, mobile phone or wearable device online. Findings provide valuable insights for companies to understand what gets high-tech consumers “charged” and ultimately deliver a better customer experience.

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