UPS Provides Natural Disaster Relief to the Caribbean, Mexico and Southeast United States

US 10/04/17

Atlanta, GA

October 4, 2017

Partnering with UNICEF USA and the Empire State Relief and Recovery Effort

In the last two weeks, UPS has transported more than 1.7 million pounds of relief supplies to Puerto Rico for groups including FEMA, the CDC, the Salvation Army and now UNICEF USA and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Empire State Relief and Recovery Effort.

On October 3, one UPS Browntail aircraft delivered more than 60 pallets of drinking water, more than 116,000 bottles, to Puerto Rico. In the coming days, two more UPS Browntail aircraft will deliver hygiene kits for 60,000 people that include a 30-day supply of water purification tablets, water buckets, soap, toothpaste, detergent and sanitary pads. These supplies will help keep children and their families clean and healthy, protecting them from diseases that can occur after the loss of infrastructure and disruption in water supplies.

But delivering these critical supplies to the island is just the first part of solving the humanitarian aid problem. Many roads are still impassable and communication is still very poor. To complete the final mile delivery, UPS, UNICEF and the Empire Relief and Recovery Effort are also working together with more than 10 designated humanitarian supply distribution centers to get these supplies into the hands of families and children impacted by the storm.

September 29, 2017

St. Thomas, V.I.: Creating An Emergency Supply Chain On The Island

There is an enormous need for humanitarian aid throughout the Caribbean. UPS is serving these island communities that are recovering with failing or completely destroyed infrastructure by developing creative solutions, fast action, and a willingness to establish unique public-private partnerships that make a difference.

Earlier this week, Arthur Stevenson, who owns a private charter business in Ft. Lauderdale, connected with the Salvation Army and UPS. He loaded his private jet with 2,300 meals and others supplies and flew into St. Thomas, where he was met on the tarmac by UPS drivers Ishmael and Leroy, all coordinated by UPS Rescue Team member Craig Arnold.

Working with a makeshift staging area at the St. Thomas Reform Church, Craig is helping distribute aid throughout the island by piecing together a network of speed boats, off-road vehicles and local volunteer vehicles to supplement UPS’s iconic brown delivery vehicles. Together, we’re working to deliver urgent food, water, and hygiene and medical supplies. More than 500 people a day are relying on this small village of partnerships that has come together to support them during this time of enormous need. From million dollar donations by The UPS Foundation to makeshift solutions and partnerships, UPSers are doing everything they can to help people throughout the Caribbean.

We will resume service in the hardest hit areas as soon as local conditions allow. In the meantime, we are committed to helping and lending creative solutions to deliver aid to those in need.

September 28, 2017

Puerto Rico: Sending Immediate Help and Assessing the Situation

Hurricane Maria inflicted unparalleled devastation on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. UPS is doing everything it can to help, but there are many challenges that prevent resuming normal operations. These issues include the island-wide power outages, a fuel shortage, impassable roads, and a damaged communications infrastructure. Even drinking water is an increasingly difficult situation.

While all of these issues restrict our ability to resume operation on the island, UPS is working day and night to support recovery efforts. The San Juan airport is operating on very limited resources and flight schedules, prioritizing flights for humanitarian aid. While we cannot yet distribute personal or commercial shipments, we are making regular flights for FEMA and the CDC to get critical supplies to those in need.


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